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Logistics Report 2023

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Getting goods seamlessly from point A to point B can feel like an ever-moving goalpost in fashion’s complex global ecosystem. Freight must travel by plane, ship, train, truck or car, or a combination thereof, navigating a labyrinth of governmental and economic issues. Meanwhile, companies have learned the hard way that logistics can make or break a brand, as consumers demand their goods faster, more sustainably and without added costs. Delivery in 7 to 10 days? Not when free, overnight shipping is another website click away.

Technology has set out to save the day, with robotics, AI, electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous drivers, nano fulfillment centers and other new systems greasing the wheels, so to speak. But with advancement comes complexity, and often confusion.

Sourcing Journal is here to be your guide. In our first dedicated Logistics Report, we take both a broad view perspective on the key trends shaping the landscape, as well as a closer look at some of the companies and systems paving the way.

Download the report to learn:

  • The best ways to allocate money to new logistics technologies
  • Why adoption of EVs for middle mile logistics remains so challenging
  • Which outdated law is hampering a switch to greener transportation technologies
  • How to strike the balance between AI and human employees
  • How FedEx is cutting costs with consolidation after a 4.8% parcel volume decline
  • How Maersk’s logistics expansion boosted its logistics and services brand revenues by 47%
  • Why 30% of brands do not recommend their own 3PLs
  • If new tech can finally tackle cargo theft

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