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Material Innovation 2020

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Fabrics are becoming more intuitive and less environmentally impactful.

A new report from Sourcing Journal, sponsored by DuPont Sorona, Hyosung and Lenzing, delves into the advances made in material innovation this year, from sustainability to smart connectivity and performance.

Outdoor enthusiasts are poised to benefit from a host of new launches, including breathable waterproof textiles and garments that respond to natural chemistry to regulate body temperature. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is expected to usher in added protective features, such as a wider use of antimicrobial textiles and pollution filters.

Fiber producers are considering alternative inputs, ranging from pineapple leaves to plastic bottles, to reduce the environmental cost of production. They are also taking the full lifecycle of garments into account with materials that biodegrade and durable textiles. However, material innovation alone is not the answer for reaching sustainability goals, since brands also have to think about the end of life of garments and footwear and the waste related to these products.

Download the report to learn:

  • How COVID-19 is shaping material innovation
  • How healthcare fabrications could creep into consumers’ closets
  • What technologies are leading the charge for sustainable developments
  • How companies are building circularity into their material production
  • The materials to watch this year
  • What executives from The North Face and Polartec believe will drive material innovation in the coming year

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