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A recent report by Deloitte found that shoppers are opting for personalized goods for a variety of reasons, including the way these items help them express themselves and
their desire to be the hero gift giver. But no matter the motivation, what’s clear is that brands offering copycat collections and basics on repeat are missing out on a demographic who knows what they want and is even willing to pay for it.

It’s a fact that many other industries have already caught onto. And fashion is starting to pick up the thread. Brands and retailers are augmenting their assortments with mass customized looks and made-to-measure offerings.

Read Paradigm Shift, the 2019 On-Demand Report to learn:

  • How apparel businesses are pivoting to on-demand models
  • What consumers think about custom products and the psychology behind their appeal
  • How to determine the level of collaboration and outsourcing that’s right for your business
  • How to meet the exacting quality mandate of on-demand production
  • The ways in which Amazon is positioning to dominate in this arena
  • How on-demand stands to change everything, including labor, trade and financing
  • The tools needed to make on-demand a reality

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