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Optimizing Productivity

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Time, margins and loyalty: The three things fashion firms can ill afford to lose are exactly what’s on the line every time a delivery passes through a factory. And as the demands on manufacturing facilities increase, inefficiencies and production errors continue to escalate as well. To head off this perfect storm, apparel and footwear firms need a new means for tracking, understanding and ultimately mitigating these issues.

The Optimizing Productivity report provides insights into how well the apparel and footwear industries are doing at removing friction from the system and wringing out as much efficiency as possible.

Download the report to learn about:

  • the biggest issues production managers face
  • what these industries can learn from others that have solved the same problems
  • the underutilized solutions that are already available
  • the role change management plays in creating productive processes
  • how much poor quality is really costing the industry
  • how the mandate to diversify sourcing is impacting production

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