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Raw Materials Outlook Report 2022

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The adage says that what goes up must come down. But lately, raw material prices and input costs—including oil and energy expenses—have continued to rise, exerting pressure on the textile industry.

Adding to these challenges are supply chain struggles tied to the war in Ukraine, Covid-19 outbreaks and shipping issues. At the same time, downstream demand could take a hit as inflation shrinks consumers’ discretionary spending on apparel and home purchases. What does all this mean for prices? This report explores the underlying forces in the material market and the outlook for fibers including cotton, manmade cellulosic fibers, polyester and wool.

One area of development that hasn’t been dampened by rising prices is sustainability. Producers are investing in and marketing recycled polyester, organic cotton and wood-based fibers as more responsible options for brands and consumers.

Download this report to discover more about:

  • How material producers, textile manufacturers and brands are navigating cost increases
  • What the USDA is doing to support the Pima cotton and wool supply chains through sales and consumption decreases
  • Why garment manufacturers in India went on strike over rising input costs
  • How raw material companies are addressing the growing demand for sustainable fibers
  • What executives in the textile value chain say about the outlook for the sector

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