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Retail & The New Consumer

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With a dizzying array of options at their fingertips, today’s consumer can be hard to win—and even harder to hold onto. They’re here today, gone tomorrow. Except when they’re not. Once a retailer or brand outperforms the rest, shoppers will come back time and again. Cracking the code on how to induce that form of loyalty is the challenge. Is it product, service or convenience? The truth is, it’s all of the above. 

It’s a tall order for retailers, especially those that built their businesses before e-commerce and social media blasted onto the scene.

Read the Retail & The New Consumer report to learn:

  • What resonates with Gen Z consumers
  • How to compete with experiences for share of wallet
  • The apps and social platforms driving conversions
  • The services and tools that have become table stakes
  • How brick-and-mortar retailers can pivot to compete
  • The emerging shopping models that are demanding attention



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