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Tech 2020

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Technology is playing a greater role in retail these days. Retailers are tasked with doing more with less, trimming expenses to satisfy shareholders and giving customers the seamless shopping experience they demand. And as solution providers sharpen their tools and invest in cutting-edge technology, stores both online and off will have little choice but to wield every weapon at their disposal to carve out what advantage they can.

Despite rumors of retail’s demise, brick and mortar isn’t dead—rather, technology is fueling its evolution. Store-based brands have more tools than ever in the form of analytics and artificial intelligence to help right-size stock, shift merchandise to where it’s selling, and make informed allocation decisions up front.

Innovation is also driving better fit, fewer returns, smoother transactions, increased sustainability and additional business models. Read the Tech 2020 report to learn:

  • How Patagonia and Gap are finding success with so-called headless commerce
  • The way TractorSupply slashes BOPIS wait times from an industry average of 3:30 minutes to 15 seconds
  • Why HSN is leaning into on-demand video
  • How Kohl’s is embracing SnapChat to woo the Gen Z consumer
  • How Dutch lingerie seller Hunkemöller optimizes allocation across 900 stores
  • The way in which Ralph Lauren is leaning into RFID to protect product integrity
  • Why Mizzen + Main has turned to 3D avatars to answer consumers’ fit questions
  • Why brands like Diane von Furstenberg are warming to resale tech
  • The innovation fueling circularity for retailers like H&M and Target

Plus, find out which technology investors are keen on now, the trends to watch in 2020 and how the Mall of America is attempting to lead retail’s next wave.

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