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Sustainability 2020

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In 2020, fashion is facing a growing call for sustainability and systemic change from consumers and stakeholders. At the same time, the industry is struggling through a global pandemic that has put up financial and operational roadblocks that have the potential to stall progress.

A new report from Sourcing Journal, sponsored by Hansae, Shima Seiki and Sourcing at Magic, delves into the state of sustainability, including apparel’s recent advancements and its areas for growth. Concepts such as circularity and zero waste are catching on, but there are still practical challenges to overcome in adopting and accelerating these commitments.

Collaboration, whether in the form of partnerships or participation in alliances, will be a key factor in establishing scalable impact. Meanwhile, technology tools are cropping up to help curtail issues including overproduction and the waste tied to product development.

Download the report to learn:

  • What impact COVID-19 will have on sustainable investments
  • What companies like Nike, Kering, Reformation and Naadam say about the industry’s progress thus far
  • How giants like H&M and Asos are meeting commitments
  • Which 5 sustainability programs brands should join now
  • How transparency differs from traceability
  • What technologies will help companies ramp up their efforts
  • The stark stats about the degree to which consumption and waste could balloon this decade

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