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Trailblazers: Footwear 2019

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The footwear industry is ever evolving and this is a particular moment of change, calling for faster production, better product performance and improved sustainability—all while grappling with the fallout from geopolitical uncertainty.

In response, the industry is innovating every aspect of product development, merchandising and sales.

Sourcing Journal’s report, Trailblazers, examines how footwear is forging a new path with technology like 3-D printed footwear, which is estimated to become a $6.5 billion market in the next 10 years, and fit tools that could both boost performance and profitability. The report also explores how the need for more responsible inputs is driving material innovation, which in some cases means upcycling consumer waste and in others replacing traditional materials with eco options.

And we also investigate how innovation is extending into the C-suite as executives are charged with rebuilding supply chains in the face of the continuing U.S.-China trade war.

Download the report to learn:

  • What consumers are buying now and the features that influence that decision
  • The far-reaching implications of the trade war
  • Why the tariff threat has some companies re-evaluating their customs strategy
  • The most promising new materials transforming product development
  • How footwear is advancing it sustainability progress
  • The new technology promising faster, cheaper production
  • Why shoppers are demanding comfort and what that means for the industry’s future
  • What keeps supply chain executives up at night

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