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Visibility Report 2021

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With the 2021 holiday season just around the corner and global supply chains in complete gridlock, retailers have quite the task on their hands—getting a solid view of the products they have in the pipeline, from the source to the store.

For that to happen, it’s going to take an effort that embraces new technologies and mindsets, as well as a willingness to understand where problem areas lie. Fortunately, merchants have taken note of current events today, with a CGS study saying that supply chain visibility is the second biggest priority for brands in 2021 under managing product quality and costs.

Whether it be shop floor control technologies, PLM solutions, assortment planning technologies or supply chain communication platforms, brands have plenty of opportunities to bolster their digitization capabilities today, and don’t have an excuse anymore to stay on the sidelines.

But supply chain visibility isn’t just necessary to improve the customer relationship. It is now essential for the employees who work across the chain, whether in a distribution center or in an overseas factory. Traceability and mapping solutions are vital to learning how products are made, and more importantly, how workers are treated during the production process. Plausible deniability is no longer an acceptable alternative whenever actors across the supply chain act irresponsibly.

Download the report to learn:

  • Where CEOs say the biggest priorities must be made in supply chain improvements
  • The steps retailers and brands can take to achieve shop floor visibility
  • How to evaluate factory productivity on a local and global level
  • Why AI-driven technology adoption is vital to inventory management
  • How Star Garment has benefited from CGS’s Shop Floor Control Technology

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