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Bluesign Finder Now Defines Sustainable Attributes for Approved Chemicals

Bluesign is furthering its ability to provide more sustainable solutions within Finder, its web-based, advanced search engine for manufacturers.

By defining “sustainable attributes” for Bluesign Approved chemicals registered in the Finder, the tool now contains a positive list of preferred chemical products to help suppliers and the textile industry make better informed decisions.

More than 20,000 Bluesign Approved chemical products are registered in the Finder. Approved chemicals are produced following best occupational health and safety (OH&S) practices with less environmental impact and excellent product stewardship. Textiles processed with Bluesign Approved chemicals also meet the highest level of consumer safety.

Bluesign noted that sustainable chemistry is a holistic concept that aims to remediate or minimize negative impacts and enhance positive impacts on the environment, economy and society, including the protection of human rights throughout the life-cycle of a chemical product. Sustainable chemicals should be designed for the circular economy, should accelerate the use of sustainable feedstocks, increase resource efficiency in downstream applications and contribute to the longevity of consumer products, while avoiding inherent properties that are harmful to human health and the environment.

Now, in addition to the existing functions within the Bluesign Finder, Bluesign System Partner chemical suppliers can claim selected sustainability attributes for their Bluesign Approved chemical products that will be displayed within the Finder. Sustainability claims will be verified by Bluesign during on-site assessments and through chemical assessments.

The Bluesign Finder will be amended with search functions starting this year with first priority attributes that include renewable feedstock, sustainably sourced renewable feedstock and recycled content.

The Bluesign Finder will also evolve and a comprehensive online search engine for sustainable textile auxiliaries and dyes will be implemented.

The Bluesign System eliminates harmful substances from the start of the manufacturing process, and sets and controls standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. The Bluesign System has been adopted by worldwide textile and accessories manufacturers, as well as key players in the chemical and machine industry, and brands in the outdoor, sportswear and fashion industry.