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Saucony’s Latest Running Capsule Features Regenerated Polyester

Saucony is introducing a new, sustainable fabrication to its apparel offerings.

The Wolverine World Wide subsidiary has partnered with Los Angeles material innovation startup Ambercycle to bring recycled polyester to a small assortment of performance gear, the duo announced Saturday. The men’s and women’s capsule collection includes four tops—a fitted tank, crop top, short sleeve and singlet—each featuring a component made of up to 23 percent Cycora material. Available on Saucony’s website, the products range in price from $40 to $50.

The partnership represents Cycora’s debut in the performance apparel market, according to Ambercycle CEO Shay Sethi. “With this collaboration, we are inviting the global running community to help build a circularity ecosystem, where performance apparel is removed from the cycle of waste and reused over and over,” he said.

Saucony's new capsule features four styles for men and women.

Ambercyle’s signature fiber is a regenerated polyester sourced from textile waste destined for landfills. The firm taps discarded, unsalable clothing from sources like Goodwill and Salvation Army—including hard-to-process poly-blends. Using a chemical reactor, polymer content is separated from other fibers, such as cotton or wood-derived cellulosics. The liquefied synthetic material is then made into a resin, packed into pellets, and extruded into new yarn.

While mechanical shredding creates shorter, less durable fibers, Cycora fibers match virgin polyester’s integrity. The process can also be repeated in perpetuity for a truly circular system, Sethi said.

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“We are excited to team up with Saucony, a brand that is eager to lead the running industry in helping to bring a vision for circularity to life,” the co-founder and CEO said. “This collection demonstrates the intersection of performance and sustainability through a range of technical tops that are highly breathable, sweat wicking and stylish.”

Saucony vice president of global product Brian Moore said that the collection represents the next step in the brand’s “commitment to protect our planet.” In 2021, following the debut of its zero-plastic Jazz Court RFG sneaker, made with cotton, lyocell and wool, Saucony announced plans to begin using 100 percent recycled uppers. By 2024, the brand will fully move away from virgin plastic.

“We continue to seek out responsibly sourced materials and environmentally sustainable business practices to minimize the adverse effects on our community, environment and natural resources,” Moore added. “To support the runner, we look for high-performing materials with characteristics that include wicking, drying and breathability.”

Each piece in the range is made with up to 23 percent Cycora fiber.

The Cycora collection allows Saucony “to simultaneously reduce the materials going into landfills while producing a premium collection of products that are ready to perform.” Moore believes “runners will appreciate helping to offset the end-of-life clothing cycle with this collection.”

“We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Saucony to further push the boundaries of performance running apparel that has been made with ‘end of life’ in mind,” Sethi added.

Founded in 2015, Ambercycle was the recipient of H&M’s 2016 Global Change Award, and in 2021 partnered with the retailer on its Circular Design Story capsule of garments made with recycled and upcycled inputs. Earlier this year, it announced a $21.6 million raise to build a circularity ecosystem for the fashion sector, funded by H&M’s CO:LAB, KIRKBI, Temasek, BESTSELLER’s Invest FWD, and Zalando. Ambercycle plans to scale the production of Cycora, creating a channel for more fashion firms to divert waste.