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Adidas Beats 2015 Better Cotton Target

Adidas, often lauded for its sustainability efforts, has surpassed its Better Cotton target for the second year in a row.

The German activewear giant on Wednesday announced that in 2015 it sourced 43 percent of all its cotton from farmers participating in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), beating its 40 percent goal.

This marks the highest volume in sustainable cotton used in the history of Adidas, building on the momentum achieved in 2014 when the company sourced more than 30 percent of its cotton as Better Cotton, exceeding the 25 percent it had aimed for.

“As a pioneer member, the Adidas Group has been involved with the Better Cotton Initiative from the very beginning. It is exciting to see how Better Cotton is becoming a sustainable mainstream commodity and we will continue to increase the amount of sustainable cotton we use over the coming years,” Franke Henke, vice president of social and environmental affairs at Adidas Group, said in a statement, reiterating the company’s intent to source 100 percent of cotton across all product categories in all its brands as sustainable cotton by 2018.

BCI, the nonprofit that promotes responsible global standards for cotton production, wants to make Better Cotton a sustainable mainstream commodity worldwide. To achieve this, the initiative works with a diverse range of companies across the fiber’s supply chain to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economics of cotton-producing areas.

Last week, BCI announced its fifth straight year of membership growth levels of 50 percent or more had helped it achieve its target of 700 members by 2015. The nonprofit wants to recruit 5 million farmers and reach 30 percent of global cotton production by 2020. In 2014, 7.6% of all cotton produced globally was Better Cotton.