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Archroma Launches Eco-Friendly Water Repellent Finish

Archroma, a global innovator in color and specialty chemicals, introduced a “nature-friendlier” water repellent finish for outdoor clothing, called Smartrepel Hydro, for textiles made from polyester, polyamide and cotton.

The product’s water repellent agents offer the benefits of high-performing protection to a wide range of materials used in the outdoor clothing industry, while also being eco-friendly. It is free of fluorine chemicals and perfluorinated chemicals (PFC), making it compliant with the Joint Roadmap towards Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and the Oeko-Tex standard. It is also bluesign approved.

The water repellent agent provides a level of performance for cotton and synthetic fibers and blends that has been unattainable with alternative non-fluorine solutions.

Smartrepel Hydro uses a repelling agent and an anchoring agent that together create what Archroma calls a perfect combination of water protection, breathability and durability. The product’s water repellency was tested according to AATCC 22, a test method developed by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC).

Archroma said the product’s finish is superior to other non-fluorine products currently available on the market. It offers a soft and bulky feel and protects the fiber against abrasion, tearing and yellowing.

These properties result in a durable, weatherproof garment that is flexible, soft and not sticky. Smartrepel Hyrdro’s benefits last for more than 20 washes. The range also comprises of Smartrepel Hydro CMD, which is designed for cellulosic fibers and blends and Smartrepel Hydro PM for synthetic fibers.

“We are quite excited to introduce this technology to the market. Smartrepel Hydro combines two benefits that were long awaited, especially by the outdoor textile segment: a nature-friendlier chemistry, together with long-lasting, efficient water repellency for both synthetic and cellulosic fibers. With its strong eco-profile, supported by recognized eco- certificates, and unmatched performance Smartrepel Hydro now offers the market a positive alternative to conventional fluorocarbon-based water repellency products,” comments Georg Lang, global head of product marketing finishing for textile specialties at Archroma.

The Smartrepel Hydro line will be introduced at the AATCC 2015 International Conference in Savannah, Georgia from March 24-26.