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Archroma Launches Fully Traceable Dyes Made from Natural Waste

Swiss specialty chemicals company Archroma has launched a new range of dyes made from 100 percent agricultural waste that are also fully traceable throughout the supply chain.

To tap consumers’ increasing desire to wear garments “in harmony with concern for the future of the planet,” Archroma developed the renewable raw material dyes, called Earthcolors, which are synthesized from leaves and non-edible nut shells that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Shells from nuts and almonds, and leaves from olives and rosemary plants are used to create the dyes, and since only the residues are used, the edible parts are left available for consumption.

During the process, nearly 100 percent of the biomass is transformed into high quality textile dye stuffs without generating any waste, and the dyes exhibit a comparable performance to existing, often petrol-based, dyes. Colors are warm and based on elements of nature, and the range includes oak, maple, forest, stone, clay and sand colored dyes.

Traceability from nature to store is made easy with the use of near field communication (NFC) technology—a set of standards for smartphones and other similar devices to establish radio communication at close proximity—embedded into tags on the final garments. Consumers can use mobile phones to read the tag and learn more about the Earthcolors sustainable process and technology.

According to Archroma, no special phone software is necessary to read the chip. End consumers may tap the inlay using any NFC-enabled phone to receive information the brand wants to share, like video, traceability information, product sharing on social media or website details, for example.

Brands will be able to authenticate the garment, accessing all information related to its manufacturing including: biomass used, origin of the biomass, the dyestuff batch number, name of textile mill and the garment maker, keeping traceability open and easy. The NFC chip carries all of the info necessary to ensure only Earthcolors are used throughout the supply chain.

“Our new Earthcolors dyes have been developed for those brands who look for the highest level of sustainability,” Archroma noted in a video on its website. “With Earthcolors, not only will brands and retailers provide consumers with a more responsible fashion, but also the confidence that a simple act of purchasing will contribute to a better tomorrow.”