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BCI Introduces Fabric Mills to Better Cotton Tracer

The Better Cotton Initiative announced it will introduce user accounts for fabric mills to the Better Cotton Tracer to improve traceability for Better Cotton.

For the first time, fabric mills will be part of the Better Cotton chain of traceability, meaning BCI retailers and brands will now be able to trace their cotton purchases more accurately and transparently.

In 2013, the nonprofit organization introduced the Better Cotton Tracer, an online traceability platform used by ginners, spinners and retailers to record purchases and sales of Better Cotton, in partnership with ChainPoint, an online software platform that manages and shares product information.

BCI said initially, this program will only be run as a pilot. It will give fabric mills access to the Better Cotton Tracer for one year and allow members of BCI to track the use of Better Cotton more easily throughout the supply chain. For the first time, some retailers will have full transparency from the raw materials to the end product.

This update will not allow for the option of ‘Better Cotton Products,’ however, it does bring the organization closer to the possibility of having full physical traceability as an option for retail and brand members in 2016.

BCI director of programs for demand Ruchira Joshi said, “BCI aims to recruit 250 fabric mills as users in 2015, before assessing the success of the fabric mill pilot category. We hope that by extending the use of the Better Cotton Tracer across different actors, BCI will contribute to more trusting relationships between these actors and a more transparent cotton sector as a whole.”