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Better Cotton Initiative Launches New Mark for Responsibly Sourced Product

Retailers that are part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to make cotton production more sustainable will now be better able to showcase their good deeds in the product they put their responsibly sourced cotton into.

The organization launched a new mark for Better Cotton products Wednesday so that its member companies, which include brands like Nike, VF, Marks & Spencer and Levi’s, can showcase their commitments to responsibly grown cotton.

Adding to existing off-product messaging, the mark that goes into the goods will be the BCI logo with a text claim like: “We partner with the Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally.”

For now, the mark will represent mass balance traceability and not imply that the product contains Better Cotton content, the organization explained. Mass balance traceability doesn’t require physical segregation of Better Cotton fiber along the supply chain, rather supply chain staff keep track of the units of Better Cotton they’ve purchased and sell those units to the next person down in the supply chain, making sure the amount sold doesn’t exceed the amount bought.


“We’re thrilled to launch our first on product mark,” Paola Geremicca, BCI director of fundraising and communications, said. “We expect demand for more sustainable cotton to increase as consumers learn more about BCI, taking us closer to our 2020 target of 30 percent. of global cotton production.”

BCI said it hopes the new mark will further its goal of transforming global cotton production and influence consumers’ choices when purchasing cotton products.