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Livari Debuts With Net Zero Emissions Through Cool Effect Partnership


Cool Effect
Photo credit: Victoria Rainone

Cool Effect is collaborating with an emerging fashion label to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and protect endangered forests worldwide.

The non-profit, which supports carbon reduction projects worldwide, announced a partnership with Livari, a new Brooklyn-based sustainable label headed by actress Alysia Reiner, celebrity stylist Claudine DeSola and designer Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs. Cool Effect has helped Livari retire 25 tonnes of carbon to achieve net zero emissions to offset the production of its line. The collaboration was kicked off during New York Fashion week on Wednesday with the debut of Livari’s runway collection.

“The fashion world isn’t exactly famous for being environmentally minded, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of people who are ready to fight for Earth,” Reiner said. “With so many shared values and goals, Cool Effect was an easy choice for Livari when looking for a partner to help us take action and reach net zero emissions.”

Founded in the San-Francisco Bay Area, Cool Effect enables individuals to promote positive climate change and fund global carbon reducing projects. Cool Effect’s platform currently features 11 carbon reduction projects, ranging from protecting forests in Peru to instilling eco-friendly cookstoves in Uganda.

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Through its efforts, Livari is supporting a biogas digester project in Bagepalli, India, which currently coverts cow dung into sustainable biogas. With Livari’s support, Cool Effect can minimize air pollution, carbon pollution and water pollution, while supporting efforts in forest conservation, soil fertility and waste management.

Livari is also enabling its consumers to fund the project by including a tax-deductible contribution of one tonne of carbon mitigation into the purchase of a limited-edition T-shirt, which retails at $55, on its website.

“Cool Effect allows conscious consumers to take immediate action to help the planet while still living their lives: going to work, buying new clothes, blow drying their hair, etc.,” Cool Effect CEO Marisa de Belloy said. “We’re thrilled about the partnership with LIVARI because fashion is a part of life and Livari shows consumers that it can be done in a sustainable and conscious way.”