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Dow Advances Sustainability Goals With Newfangled Color Fastness Solution for Natural Textiles

Dow Chemical debuted a new solution it said will create “unique, brighter colors” on natural fibers such as cotton, all while using resources more efficiently throughout the dyeing process.

The ECOFAST Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment leverages patented technology that enables natural fabrics and fibers to deeply absorb acid, and direct and reactive dyes. Launched at the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, ECOFAST Pure is the first solution to achieve fluorescent color dyeing—only attainable through acid dyes—on cotton, which Dow cited as the material that consumers most prefer. In addition, ECOFAST Pure offers enhanced color fastness, which can lead to greater product quality and longevity, according to Dow.

“By pretreating textiles with ECOFAST Pure, manufacturers can deliver longer lasting, new generation colors on natural textiles while simultaneously reducing water, dye and energy use,” said Esma Talu, market manager, Dow.

The treatment is designed for use on natural textiles including denim, yarn, tubular knit fabric, ready-made garments and toweling, Dow said.

ECOFAST Pure is one of Dow’s efforts to meet its 2025 sustainability commitments, which include creating chemical products for a circular economy, prioritizing projects that deliver “natural capital value” and are good for ecosystems, and delivering breakthrough innovations in sustainable chemistry that improve people’s well-being.

With that context, ECOFAST Pure-treated fabrics and fibers help to conserve water usage, requiring fewer rinses and skipping the high heat typical of the dyeing process. Dow claims the process uses just half the water as traditional processes and requires reduced energy usage as well. Because ECOFAST Pure offers better uptake and a compressed cycle time, manufacturers can use as much as 75 percent less dye, according to Dow. Unlike some other dyeing methods, ECOFAST Pure offers this level of resource efficiency even without incorporating salts into the dye bath, the company noted in a statement.

“Better manufacturing processes are key to more responsible textile production,” Talu said. “Through products like ECOFAST Pure, Dow is able to drive a more sustainable supply chain that requires less resources to create essential textiles for our society.”