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First Manufacturers Certified To Global Traceable Down Standard

The public health organization announced Thursday that it certified the first manufacturers to the Global Traceable Down Standard (Global TDS), a guideline that ensures down is ethically sourced and processed throughout its supply chain. The three honored included Youngone Corporation in Seoul, Quang Viet Enterprise (QVE) Co., Ltd. in Taipei and Shen Gang Tungsang (ShenZhen), Co., Ltd. in Shen Zhen.

“These companies have committed to full traceability in handling certified down and ensuring that products labeled Global TDS contain only certified down,” Jenny Oorbeck, general manager for NSF Sustainability, said. “With certification, these manufacturers are able to offer brands the assurance they need for full accountability and traceability to original down sources.”

All three manufacturers supply major outdoor apparel companies. QVE and Youngone Corporation are Patagonia suppliers, a brand that requires all suppliers to comply with animal welfare and be certified to the Global TDS.

Certification criteria includes on-site audits to ensure that down is fully traced throughout the supply chain and that birds are treated ethically. These audits determine whether organizations are managing materials efficiently and checking that only feather material is used in finished apparel. From hatchery to full growth, the Global TDS enforces animal welfare rules to parent farms, preventing live plucking and force feeding, and making it the only guideline that ensures animal rights in the down sector.

Charles Wu, QVE owner and president, spoke about how the Global TDS represents industry members, animal welfare activists and the greater community dedicated to sustainable sourcing. “We recognize that our achievement reinforces our relationship with Patagonia and helps strengthen consumer confidence that down products are coming from ethical sources. QVE is committed to safeguarding the environment and transparency in ensuring the welfare of animals. QVE is also committed to using sustainably processed down while driving innovation,” he said.