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Frank And Oak Wants to Burnish B Corp Cred With 5 New Sustainability Goals

B Corps in the apparel space are leaving traditional businesses in the dust when it comes to really advancing sustainability—further widening the gap between the benefit companies and everyone else.

Frank And Oak, the B Corp apparel business with a subscription box option, has outlined new sustainable materials goals for 2022. And in the past three years, the company has already gone from making 5 percent of its styles with minimal impact materials or processes, to 50 percent last year.

“The climate crisis is an issue that is deeply important to us at Frank And Oak. Over the last few years, we have been able to be nimble and agile to adapt our business practices to better serve our planet, and as well, our customers,” Frank And Oak CEO and co-founder Ethan Song, said. “Though we have made significant strides, we recognize that there is still so much we need to do as the climate crisis continues to worsen.”

Now, the company has five new goals to hit in the next two years.

For one, the Montreal-based business intends to cut all virgin plastic from its supply chain by 2022.

“The first step towards this goal is currently underway as the brand begins to use exclusively 100 percent compostable, plant-based bags for shipping, while also removing excess shipping packaging,” the company said in a statement.

Frank And Oak will cut all virgin plastic, use only recycled poly, offset all greenhouse gas, use only renewable energy and go zero waste.
Frank And Oak will cut all virgin plastic, use only recycled poly, offset all greenhouse gas, use only renewable energy and go zero waste. Frank And Oak

The company will also shift to using only recycled polyester fiber to make its shell fabrics, labels and trims.

Frank And Oak’s third 2022 aim surrounds offsetting 100 percent of its greenhouse gas scope 1 emissions. The company “will increase their collaborations with local and international partners to reduce logistics mileage and offset last mile GHG,” the company noted. By 2022, the plan is to further offset these activities in every market where it operates.

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Using more renewable energies will also be a priority, and Frank And Oak says it will run its headquarters, warehouse and retail stores on 100 percent renewable energy by 2022. “New facilities will have green energy sources, water meters, and waste management systems incorporated into their building plans,” the company noted.

The fifth goal in Frank And Oak’s new sustainability targets centers around spreading its zero-waste philosophy throughout its supply chain and the industry at large.

“Frank And Oak headquarters will remain Fair Trade certified and they will also continue to work with local partners to use furniture that is either second-hand or sustainably made in all Frank And Oak stores and the brand’s headquarters,” the company noted. “Frank And Oak’s zero-waste philosophy will be enforced company-wide by providing employees with training, zero-waste challenge initiatives and reusable materials.”