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Fruit of the Loom Commits to More Sustainable Products and Practices

Fruit of the Loom’s goods are about to get greener.

The intimates apparel company has joined The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), a global non-profit working to boost sustainability in the consumer goods industry.

“Operating in a sustainable manner is extremely important to all of us at Fruit of the Loom. As a global organization, we have an obligation to constantly evaluate and improve our sustainability practices,” Fruit of the Loom EVP and chief operating officer Tony Pelaski said. “Joining TSC will allow us to evolve and expand our current processes to remain a sustainable organization and leader in the apparel category.”

As a member TSC, Fruit of the Loom will have access to the organization’s research database, which translates sustainability data into business tools that can be used throughout product supply chains and lifecycles. Fruit of the Loom joins Hanes, Amazon, Walmart, which are also members of the TSC.

“We are thrilled to welcome Fruit of the Loom to our very active textiles sector, where they will join other TSC members to improve the environmental, social, and economic performance of the textile value chain,” TSC chief executive Euan Murray said. “Fruit of the Loom’s membership with TSC and leadership in the apparel industry will us help create more sustainable products for a more sustainable planet.”

Created in 2009, the TSC is a global organization committed to the sustainability of consumer products. The organization emphasizes the importance of collaboration among stakeholders on science-based decision tools and solutions that foster more sustainable practices with product production. Today, TSC has over 100 members and 2,000 users of its TSC tools worldwide.