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Galeries Lafayette Launches Traceable Clothing Collection

The Paris-based retailer revealed last week that it would launch Fashion Integrity, a private brand whose name says it all. The idea behind the responsible collection was a desire by the group’s employees to offer consumers sustainable clothing that’s 100 percent traceable, from harvesting the raw material all the way to the store.

“The Fashion Integrity collection is a new example of how we strive to offer more responsible products to our clients,” said Nicolas Houzé, chief executive officer. “Our ambition in terms of social responsibility is a collective endeavor of the company, and I am all the more thrilled that this collection allows us to create a virtuous circle by which our employees’ projects respond to our clients’ expectations.”

The debut collection comprises five basic pieces made from Fair Trade and organic cotton, produced in compliance with rules regarding worker health and safety and the environment, from farming and spinning through to packaging and transportation.

Consumers can learn more about the production process by scanning the QR code included on each product’s label or by visiting, where they can track their purchase’s journey from Tanzania or India (where the cotton was grown) to Lithuania (where the fabric is woven, dyed, cut and sewn) to the shop floor.

The collection consists of one tube skirt and four loose-fitting tops in four colorways (black, white, red and black-and-white stripes), ranging in price from 22 euros to 40 euros (roughly $25-$45).

Galeries Lafayette’s website also points out that half of a garment’s environmental impact occurs after it’s purchased, from the water and energy consumed in laundering it to where it ends up once it’s reached the end of its life. To that end, the retailer suggests that customers follow the instructions provided on the garment’s care label to extend its life and, once they no longer want it, take it to be recycled.

Galeries Lafayette Fashion Integrity
Photo: Courtesy of Galeries Lafeyette