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Here’s How Zero Waste Daniel is Elevating Sustainable Unisex Apparel

Zero Waste Daniel, a Brooklyn-based label tackling apparel industry waste and fortifying inclusive fashion, has launched a new initiative centered on circularity.

On April 19, Zero Waste Daniel will host a fashion presentation to unveil a new collection, Gene(cis): Why Do We Dress Like This? A Fashion Story, at The Phluid Project, a gender-free lifestyle brand that recently opened its first store last month in Manhattan. The presentation, which will commence a two-week pop-up shop for Earth Day, aims to provide a sustainable unisex shopping experience and enable consumers to contribute to a more circular economy.

“Our mission at Zero Waste Daniel is to eradicate wasteful fashion industry norms by reimagining how to design and create clothing without any waste. We take pre-consumer trash in the form of fashion factory waste and turn it into unisex apparel using my original process, the fabric of the future which we’ve dubbed ‘ReRoll,'” Daniel Silverstein, founder of Zero Waste Daniel, said. “Now in our third year, we have saved literal tons of scrap material from hitting landfills in the greater New York area. And this is just the beginning.”

The ReRoll process is designed to reduce apparel waste by developing flat textile goods made from post-industrial cutting room scraps. First, Zero Waste Daniel collects scrap materials from clothing designers, factories and production facilities. These fabric scraps, which the company says are a multi-million ton per year resource, are turned into raw materials for new production.

According to Zero Waste Daniel, the ReRoll clothing line has spared thousands of pounds of fabric from landfills and turned apparel waste into thousands of clothing items.

Silverstein, a New York-based clothing designer, wants to offer more closed loop options for the fashion industry and help consumers build up more eco-conscious wardrobes with his apparel, which is made from 100 percent scrap materials and manufactured at the label’s Brooklyn “make/shop” where the merchandise is produced and sold. Silverstein’s collection, which features basic unisex apparel items and limited edition garments, retails from $85 to $195 and is available from sizes xx-small to xx-large at the label’s shop and website.

“Daniel has shed an impressive light on the power and importance of both zero waste clothing and designing beyond the binary. Our companies’ missions are very much in line, as we both challenge the industry norms,” Rob Smith, CEO and founder of The Phluid Project, said. “We eagerly anticipate hosting such a forward-thinking designer in residency within The Phluid Project.”