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Huntsman Develops eCool70 Eco-Friendly Dyes That Use Less Water

In its continued effort to make the textile sector more green, chemicals manufacturer Huntsman Textile Effects developed a new eco concept for dyes that use less water and energy.

The new eCool70 dye range makes it possible for mills to obtain bright, brilliant shades while reducing impact on the environment, lowering processing costs and increasing productivity.

Colors in the range include AVITERA Brilliant Yellow SE, NOVACRON Brilliant Blue EC-B and Brilliant Turquoise EC-GN.

“Dyes for this specific shade segment have traditionally had low fixation rates, leading to moderate wash off, limited build up and bad reproducibility, which raises processing costs and reduces productivity. In contrast, the new eCool70™ concept offers a sustainable and high-performance solution with an attractive total process cost,” Huntsman noted.

The eCool70 dyes incorporate Huntsman’s AVITERA SE innovative poly-reactive dyes technology, and according to the company, deliver exceptional leveling, wash-off and color fastness.

When it comes to energy consumption, eCool70 helps mills lower both their use of energy and their processing costs as dyeing and washing off can happen at a temperature of just 158°F (70°C), considerably lower than the 194°F (90°C)  required for conventional hot dyes.

The wash-off cycle is also cut down, which means lower overall water consumption and shorter processing time.

According to Huntsman, the greenish cast NOVACRON Brilliant Blue EC-B in eCool70 dyes greatly lowers the amount of turquoise used in the recipes to promote easier wash-off, which also increases lab-to-lab, lab-to-bulk and bulk-to-bulk reproducibility.

“To remain economically viable today, textile processing mills need to create a range of vivid, brilliant colors that brands and consumers desire while also improving their environmental performance and remaining competitive as industry costs rise,” Huntsman Textile Effects global marketing director Dhirendra Gautam said. “Huntsman Textile Effects’ eCool70 extends the AVITERA SE range to help mills overcome these challenges and operate in a way that is both environmentally and economically sustainable.”