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Hyosung Unveils Eco-Friendly Elastane

Hyosung, a leading spandex producer, has introduced an eco-friendly elastane called, Creora Easy Scour, designed to reduce water usage during production and improve mill quality. The elastane was presented at the Paris Mode City Interfilière show, which took place July 5-7.

The company said it developed the technology to meet the needs of mills who use finer gauge knitting and finer yarns for more delicate fabrics. “This new Creora Easy Scour elastane has environmental and quality benefits as the reduced residual oil on fabric surface after scouring will allow mills to dye and finish more effectively,” the company stated.

Creora Easy Scour is lightweight, decorative and was designed to enhance the color appearance of fabric, according to Innovation in Textiles.

The new elastane adds to the long list of Hyosung’s Creora fibers including, Color+, Highclo, Power Fit and Eco Soft.