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More International Brands Join CanopyStyle Initiative

Global retailers continue environmental efforts this week.

Canopy announced Tuesday that six international brands teamed up with the organization’s CanopyStyle Initiative, a campaign that promotes sustainable sourcing policies in the fashion industry.

“By committing to help protect ancient and endangered forests, some of the world’s largest and most recognized clothing brands and retailers are building the groundswell behind this campaign. The support of these fashion icons benefits our communities, animals, forest ecosystems, climate, and everyone interested in sustainable fashion,” said.

The new brand additions included Esprit, Swedish fashion chain KappAhl,  New Look, LA-based luxury brand Sage Larock, Simons and Tesco. To date, the CanopyStyle Initiative includes more than 60 popular fashion brands that promised to establish rayon supply chains without endangered forests.

In addition to fashion brand partnerships, the CanopyStyle Initiative is also collaborating with rayon producers to increase sustainable sourcing awareness. Rayon producers that pledge to the CanopyStyle Initiative will also be audited for policy implementation. Once rayon producers are evaluated, the CanopyStyle Initiative will inform fashion brands about rayon producers that are eliminating endangered forests from supply chains and promoting greater conservation.

Environmentally-friendly sourcing, according to the CanopyStyle Initiative, includes the use of non-wood fibers and recycled clothing for fabric production. By using these sustainable materials, forest ecosystems are preserved in the process. Endangered forests such as Vancouver Island’s rainforests and Canada’s Broadback Valley forest will benefit greatly because fashion brands and rayon producers wouldn’t tap into their greenery for sourcing.

With the development of the CanopyStyle Initiative, Canopy representatives are expanding beyond fashion brands and rayon producers to share their mission this year. A viscose producers’ summit in China and the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in New York are two major upcoming events where the initiative will be presented. expressed how fashion brand partnerships and rayon producers lead the sustainable sourcing movement for customers as well:

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“These Canopy partner brands are charting a new course for the fashion industry – one that leads them away from sourcing from the world’s most rare and threatened forests. Some viscose producers are starting to step forward as well, engaging in dialogue with Canopy and their customer brands to work collaboratively on creating systemic change. More work lies ahead–but producers’ awareness of supply chain issues is increasing as a result of their customers’ clear messages of concern.”

Visit for more information about the initiative and other sustainable sourcing campaigns.