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International Textile Mills for GOTS-Certified Fabrics

More and more Global Organic Textile Standard-certified mills are popping-up across the globe, as both designers and consumers alike increasingly look to cotton, silk and corduroy that is genuinely sustainable—and branded that way. Here are three of the best GOTS-certified mills to source from.


Based in Berlin, Lebenskleidung is a textile agency that specializes in ethically-produced organic cotton and silk fabrics. From the farm to weaving the yarns on the loom, these fashion and interiors fabrics are manufactured according to GOTS’ strict environmental and social criteria. This includes fostering fair trade alliances, using organic raw materials, and promoting low-waste production with their partners in India and Turkey.

In addition to their full line of basic organic cottons, they also offer plain and printed jersey-cotton blends, organic canvas, silk, and cotton twill – perfect for use in trousers and suiting. Available on Le Souk, check out the combed organic cotton jersey in Breton stripe for summery yacht-inspired sweaters, or the organic elastic denim for environmentally-friendly jeans.



Herbal Fab is an Indian-based company, run by brothers Prashant and Kunal Balar. Both come from a background in engineering, and decided to delve into local textile manufacturing out of concerns for the earth and the future generations.

“There will be nothing left for the generations to come if we are not sustainable in what we do, and a simple rule to be sustainable is to give back to nature what you take from it in the same form,” reads a statement on their website. “If that is not possible, then in a form that is still useful or at least not harmful.”

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The mill specializes in GOTS-certified dyed and printed fabrics. Their organic cotton wovens range from 6’S count to 80’S count and they offer 30’S and 40’S single jersey & interlock knits fabrics for fashion items. Exotic Khadi or handspun fabrics are made by HerbalFab, as well as non-violent silks, organic denim, wood-based fibres, special blended fabrics. And these fabrics generate employment for local families, too.

For purchase on Le Souk, check out HerbalFab’s vegetable printed khadi for blouses and the darkest of indigo denim for organic jeans and jackets.

Aura Herbal


Also based in India is Aura Herbal—an eco-fabric manufacturer, which launched in 2001. Helmed by Arun Baid and Sonal Baid, Aura’s carbon footprint is close to non-existent. Dyeing, weaving, and printing is all done under supervision to maintain quality standards and in particular, those determined by GOTS.

Aura has developed a full range of organic and natural dyes sourced from plants and herbs such as turmeric. These dyes create richly colored materials that brighten up luxurious wovens. This includes voile, poplin, twill, flannel, corduroy, denim, knits and silks, with fabrics up to 120″ width being made and printed.

Sourced on Le Souk, the ocean bubble print is a random spot of fun for bedding and linen designs; and the corduroy in pale green is a fashionable men’s trouser fabric and eclectic upholstery cord for chairs.


—By Benjamin Fitzgerald


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