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Italy & The Netherlands Collaborate on Sustainability

Italy and the Netherlands are coming together to build a more sustainable garment industry.

MODINT, the Dutch trade delegation covering fashion and textiles, and Sistema Moda Italia (SMI), an organization that represents the Italian textile and apparel industry, have agreed to a memorandum of understanding, which will enable both nations to collaborate on better working conditions and eco-friendly practices for the European garment industry.

On June 23, both parties, along with the Minister and a delegation of leading Dutch and Italian stakeholders, will sign the MoU in Milan at a ‘Best of Both’ event. According to the MoU, MODINT and SMI will collaborate on supporting domestic production, promoting recycling and reuse, fostering better working conditions and using sustainable raw materials.

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Both parties are members of the International Apparel Federation (IAF), a global group which focuses on building the apparel industry and working with other industries to facilitate better business practices. The MoU will not only support the European garment industry, but foster connections between Dutch and Italian companies. By working together, both nations can protect the planet, advocate for better working conditions and support positive government relations.

Italy is known for its product development and highly integrated apparel industry, which thrives on knitting, recycling, spinning and weaving. The Netherlands is also famous for its design and innovation in sustainable business models, including recycling and reuse. As greener apparel production continues to gain momentum in Europe, both nations will interconnect their supply chains and improve the environment in upcoming years.