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Jeanologia Introduces Environmental Impact Measuring Software

Jeanologia is presenting its new Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software at the Bangladesh Water Pact conference in Dhaka taking place this Monday and Tuesday.

The software, the first in the world able to measure the environmental impact of the textile industry and enable professional laundry and textile brands to optimize their washing processes and production costs, is a continuation of the Spanish company’s mission for sustainability in the garment industry.

Begoña García, head of sustainable processes at Jeanologia, will introduce the technology at the conference and outline how the software will help companies save considerable amounts of water, chemicals and energy, in addition to improving the health of employees.

Headquartered in Dhaka since 2013, Jeanologia has become a training and demo hub, teaching companies how to process denim ethically and responsibly, while maintaining quality and competitive prices. Enrique Silla, Jeanologia president, said it is essential that the denim industry become aware of technological advances that allow the creation of vintage collections, while respecting the environment and work conditions.

“EIM helps brands to work with its production centers, regardless of the country of production, following all the same parameters for creating their collections in a way that respects the environment,” Silla stated.

Brands Jack & Jones, H&M and G-Star have already integrated the software in their own global production centers.