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Indian Manufacturer Claims Organic Garments Have Healing Powers

A manufacturer in India is developing garments with wellness properties.

Joy of Life, an organic clothing brand by Advantage Organic Natural Technologies Limited (AONTL), on Wednesday announced the opening of its first factory in Shimla, one of the most popular vacation destinations in Himachal Pradesh in northern India.

The reason the government granted the company permission to open a manufacturing facility in an area known as “Queen of Hills”: its state-of-the-art production unit that includes an ETP (effluent treatment plant) and an STP (sewerage treatment plant) that purify water and remove any toxic waste emitted from the factory to protect the environment.

But green manufacturing operations aren’t the most innovative thing about Joy of Life. In addition to using only natural fabrics, the company eschews synthetic colorants and hazardous ingredients in favor of using bio-nanotechnology and FDA-approved bio-safe materials, including herbs and apple cider vinegar, to dye and process its range of innerwear, activewear and children’s clothing.

In fact, the company claims its proprietary processing technology produces apparel imbued with skin fortifying, protective and curative properties—that never wash out—to help treat the likes of eczema and psoriasis and provide stress relief and mental strength.

For instance, Joy of Life has a patent pending in India for its method of dyeing textiles using neem, a medicinal herb with antibacterial properties, and tulsi, often used to treat colds, coughs and the flu.

“We are thankful to the government of Himachal Pradesh which cleared this project under their single window clearance policy and for their support and believing in our vision of creating a healthy and sustainable fashion choice for the consumers, the planet and the people involved in the production chain,” said Rajiv Rai Sachdev, Joy of Life’s managing director.

AONTPL was founded in 2007. Joy of Life’s products have been tested and tweaked at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, a public research university, and test marketed in Japan and Australia. The company plans to launch in the U.S. and Europe soon.