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Lenzing Fibers Verified as 100 Percent Derived From Nature

Lenzing earned major recognition for its sustainable material efforts.

The cellulose materials provider was awarded the Biobased Product Label certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Wednesday. The certification indicated that all of Lenzing Viscose and Lenzing Modal fibers, along with their product families, are 100 percent derived from natural raw material wood.

“I am glad that our pioneering work for sustainability is being recognized by reviewers worldwide. Eco-responsibility represents a key component of our group strategy and we put a major emphasis on it,” Lenzing CEO Stefan Doboczky said. “The notable Biobased Product Label will help inform consumers about the high ecological standards of our products and our corporate values.”

For many years, Lenzing has been recognized worldwide as an eco-friendly source for apparel fibers. Tencel, the company’s Lyocell fiber, was certified as 100 percent biobased content since 2011. Lenzing FR, another Lenzing fiber, was also certified as 99 percent biobased this year. In addition to being entirely organic, Lenzings’ fibers also promote a circular economy, as the fibers return to the environment at the end of their life cycle and are 100 percent biodegradable.

With the Biobased Product Label certification, Lenzing will continue providing organic fibers to clothing brands and working to inspire consumers to purchase more eco-friendly garments. As a leader in sustainable material production, Lenzing demonstrates that the apparel industry could minimize its carbon footprint in the future with the incorporation of organic fibers.

Lenzing’s recent certification follows the company’s Tencel Denim Shop debut. In collaboration with ShopStyle, Lenzing launched the shop on Wednesday, featuring more than 40 denim styles with the sustainable material. The Tencel Denim Shop will reach nearly 600,000 consumers and promote more eco-friendly apparel on a global scale.