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Lenzing Rated Number One Globally for Sustainable Wood Sourcing

Lenzing continues to be a leader in sustainable wood sourcing worldwide.

The cellulose fiber supplier was ranked first by Canada-based non-profit Canopy Planet Society after receiving high marks for its forest conservation efforts and alternative raw material initiatives.

“We are proud of this ranking, and see it as further evidence of the leadership role played by the Lenzing Group in the field of sustainability,” said Lenzing CCO Robert van de Kerkhof. “The origin of the wood, the most important material, is the decisive factor for us at the beginning of the production process.”

For more than 20 years, Lenzing has focused its mission on the incorporation of renewable raw materials in the textile industry. Relying on the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification system and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) as standards, Lenzing engages in the most environmentally-friendly methods of wood sourcing. Today, almost 100 percent of the pulp and wood used by Lenzing is FSC and PEFC certified and deemed sustainable for use in many clothing products.

Lenzing produces sustainable wood materials, including its Lenzing Viscose fibers, Tencel fibers and Lenzing modal. All recycled wood fibers are created in highly resource-efficient closed loop production processes. With the development of environmentally compatible technologies, Lenzing will continue to bring renewable wood materials to the textile industry in upcoming years.

Canopy Planet Society also found Lenzing’s involvement in alternative raw material sources to be highly efficient. Lenzing’s new Tencel fiber, which is created from recycled cotton waste, has paved a greener path in the textile industry by allowing companies to substitute chemically-heavy fibers with more environmentally-friendly materials. This new textile recycling innovation has been widely used in many apparel markets, including the denim sector.

“Lenzing will also continue to intensively provide support to the roadmap specified by Canopy as a means of preserving and protecting global forests,” Van de Kerkhof said. “This is because sustainability is a core element of our business model.”