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Li & Fung Joins Forces with Canopy to Protect Forests

Canopy announced that its latest partner in protecting the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests is global supply chain and logistics orchestrator Li & Fung.

The company has committed to keeping irreplaceable forests out of viscose and paper packaging by implementing the use of circular, next-generation alternatives, and engaging their brand and retail customers to join them in these sustainability efforts. Operating one of the most extensive global supply chain networks in the world, Li & Fung helps brands and retailers design, source and deliver a diverse range of products from a network of factories in more than 50 production countries.

Li & Fung will collaborate with its brand and retail customers to better protect the forests through responsible material sourcing and product manufacturing and in the transportation of products. By leveraging Canopy’s strong track record of working with global companies to protect endangered forests, this partnership will help strengthen Li & Fung’s sustainability journey in building environmental resilience across global supply chains. Both entities will work together to develop solutions to support industry transformation.

Canopy announced that its latest partner in protecting Ancient and Endangered Forests is supply chain and logistics giant Li & Fung.

“We understand that building sustainable supply chains cannot be done alone and so are very pleased to be partnering with Canopy to advance ambitious and tangible solutions for our climate and forests in the apparel and packaging supply chains,” said Deepika Rana, chief operating officer of Li & Fung. “We look forward to continuing to meet the demands of a dynamic global retail sector and working with our extensive production network to deepen sustainability efforts and conserve the world’s forests and climate.”

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Canopy executive director Nicole Rycroft said when a company as pivotal as Li & Fung commits to transform their sourcing to protect the world’s forests and climate, “it reverberates through supply chains in all corners of the world.”

“We are delighted to embark on the next stage of our work together in shaping the supply chains of the future,” Rycroft said.

Li & Fung, a powerhouse in Asia and globally, strengthens the CanopyStyle initiative, she said, and collective efforts of hundreds of companies to green the viscose supply chain. The company will also work to reduce the impacts of paper packaging in its shipping and operations through Pack4Good.

Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests, species, and climate. Canopy has collaborated with more than 750 companies to develop cutting-edge environmental policies that transform unsustainable supply chains, spark innovative solutions, and protect the world’s remaining Ancient and Endangered Forests.