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Mara Hoffman Taps Tencel Luxe Fibers to Advance Sustainability in Upcoming Collections

Mara Hoffman has steadily focused on sustainability for her eponymous women’s apparel line, and now the designer is set to kick that up a notch with her upcoming collections.

With the aim of advancing more responsible collections, Mara Hoffman is one of the first companies to use Tencel Luxe branded lyocell filament yarns, and the designer will introduce these fibers in apparel designs for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 ready to wear. Tencel Luxe fibers are a high-end cellulosic filament designed for the luxury fashion market.

“Clothing places an intense burden on the environment,” Hoffman said. “Through intentional fabric selection and design choices, we create collections that look and feel good and that have a significantly lower impact on our planet. Our customers are starting to understand our sustainability efforts, to learn about them, and to look for them in other brands too.”

Lenzing, which launched Tencel Luxe last year, said the fiber is made using its closed-loop lyocell production process.

“Tencel Luxe filaments are the new player for sustainable high-end cellulose textiles,” Lenzing said when it launched the fiber. “They offer superior aesthetics, performance and comfort level that allow it to be the perfect partner with other noble fibers such as silk, cashmere or wool.”

Hoffman plans on using the combined quality and sustainability of what Lenzing calls its “eco-couture” fiber, to curb the brand’s carbon footprint.

Previous Mara Hoffman collections have included Tencel fibers, and the inclusion will carry through in the brand’s upcoming collections. Fabrics made with Tencel Lyocell with Refibra technology will be part of the Fall ’18 line, too. Tencel x Refibra, according to Lenzing, is the only commercially available fiber made from a combination of cotton scraps and renewable wood manufactured in a closed-loop production process.

“When apparel brands incorporate fibers like Tencel Luxe and Tencel x Refibra, they help move the industry in a more sustainable direction,” said Tricia Carey, Lenzing’s director of global business development in denim. “Mara Hoffman’s collections define her as a conscientious, thoughtful visionary who helps her customers make responsible choices that also answer every requirement for style, comfort and personal expression.”