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Martex Debuts R3 Denim Collection

Martex is furthering its “No Fiber Left Behind–Zero Landfill” campaign with a new environmentally-friendly denim collection.

Jimtex Yarns, a division of Martex, in collaboration with Denim North America (DNA), is launching R3 Denim, a new sustainable denim collection. R3 Denim is created with Eco2Cotton, a sustainable fiber solution sourced from recycled cotton apparel.

“We are very proud of the new denim line jointly developed with DNA, which demonstrates our commitment to U.S. manufacturing, and how innovation and partnership can develop sustainable performing products for the marketplace,” said Martex Fiber CEO Steve Lister.

Eco2Cotton is manufactured by re-fiberizing pre-consumer cut cotton knit waste and spinning it into yarn at the Georgia-based Jimtex Yarns facility. The sustainable fiber solution is suitable for manufacturers that desire to reduce their carbon footprint, since the fiber structure is not altered by any chemicals. Martex Fiber and Jimtex Yarns products are also SCS Global Services certified for recycled content.

Martex’s new R3 Denim collection follows the company’s fiber reclamation line expansion in April. To celebrate Earth Day, Martex revamped its facility in Brownsville, Texas, and added more equipment for textile waste recycling. With the new machinery, Martex now is able to process over 160 million pounds of textile waste into sustainable material for apparel on an annual basis.

Both 2016 initiatives are part of Martex’s “No Fiber Left Behind–Zero Landfill” campaign, which will continue to allow the company to establish sustainable fibers and garments for fashion brands everywhere.