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Net-a-Porter Debuts Platform Dedicated to Sustainable Fashion

Net-a-Porter wants to make it easier for customers to shop for eco-friendly shoes and apparel.

The luxury e-tailer launched this week Net Sustain, a “platform for brands, products and content driven by a desire to make fashion more sustainable.”

Debuting with 26 brands, Net Sustain provides a curated offering of 500 products that hew to at least one of five key sustainability attributes-cum-best practices.

A company flagged as “locally made,” for instance, must produce 50 percent of its inventory within its own community or country, thereby “demonstrating an investment in the local economy and environment.” The “craft and community” category offers a showcase of exceptional, artisanal skills that adhere to fair-trade principles. “Considered materials” refers to better-for-the-planet textiles that align with such standards as the Global Organic Textiles Standard, Organic Content Standard, Cotton made in Africa and the Better Cotton Initiative.

“Considered processes,” which may include technologies green-lit by Bluesign, Oeko-Tex, Nordic Swan, EU Ecolabel and the Leather Working Group, underscore manufacturing that minimizes environmental impacts and protects the health of both worker and wearer. And “reducing waste” means a garment has been “innovatively regenerated or creatively upcycled” based on criteria set out by the Global Recycle Standard, Recycled Claim Standard and Cradle to Cradle.

Net Sustain will also feature exclusive capsules from Stella McCartney, Mother of Pearl x BBC Earth and Maggie Marilyn, along with seasonal and staple styles from names such as Chopard, Fisch, Hereu, Lem Lem, Nannacay, Ninety Percent, Peony and Veja.

The initiative marks an “important milestone” in Net-a-Porter’s sustainability journey, said Elizabeth von der Goltz, the company’s global buying director.

“We have always wanted to provide our customer with the best products and allow them to make informed choices when shopping on the site,” she said in a statement. “Our sustainable edit provides our customers with the knowledge they need, understanding that they can trust that these brands have been carefully reviewed and meet our criteria for inclusion.”

New drops, Net-a-Porter noted, will be added throughout the season as the platform expands to include more brands and products over time, including a foray into beauty within the next year.

“Our aim is to give a voice to the brands that are truly making positive changes by providing them with a platform to highlight their best practice,” von der Goltz said.