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Nike’s Move to Zero Collection Leaves Little Fabric Waste Behind

Nike’s newest collection moves the needle on the sports gear maker’s sustainability standards.

The Move to Zero apparel collection, named for a five-step program to transition to net-zero carbon emissions, encompasses Nike’s efforts toward that goal, the company said.

Featuring a variety of sustainable materials, the collection utilizes pattern efficiencies to cut down on fabric waste similar to the previously released Nike Atsuma sneaker.

“As part of Nike’s Move to Zero journey—the company’s comprehensive efforts toward a zero carbon and zero waste future–the new Move to Zero apparel collection represents Nike’s commitment to circular design [principles],” Nike said in a statement.

Both the new collection and the Nike Atsuma are designed and cut so that fabric waste from pattern making process can be reused in other product areas. The efficiency of patterns designed for the Move to Zero collection stands at 90 percent or higher, according to Nike, meaning almost all of the fabric involved in production ends up in the garment and not in the trash.

Nike's Move To Zero apparel collection features recycled polyester, sustainably-sourced cotton, a new dyeing technique and 90 percent or better pattern effeciency
Pieces in the Move to Zero collection were designed to maximize pattern efficiency, eliminating a great deal of fabric waste during production. Nike

The collection’s Sportswear Windrunner jacket is composed entirely of plain weave recycled polyester fabrication. Drawcords and zippers are derived from the company’s proprietary Nike Grind composite material, which represents a “palette of premium materials” including rubber, foam, fiber, leather and textile blends, all recovered from footwear manufacturing and recycling.

Overall, the pieces in the men’s and women’s portion of the collection feature at least 60 percent organic and recycled materials, including sustainably sourced cotton.

“The organic cotton in the Move to Zero collection uses less water and fewer chemicals, improves farming practices and provides quality that is the same or better compared to conventionally grown cotton,” Nike said.

The men’s portion of the collection includes a full-zip hoodie, a T-shirt, joggers and shorts while the women’s component offers a “Move to Zero” dress, shorts and crew pieces. The Move to Zero collection will be available this summer on