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Oeko-Tex Trains Additional Auditors for STeP Certification

Oeko-Tex, the International Association for Research and Testing in the Textile Industry, has trained 24 new Sustainable Textile Production (STeP) auditors to help assess interested businesses on-site regarding their sustainable production conditions as part of the company’s STeP certification.

STeP is an independent certification system for brands, retail companies and manufacturers in the textile sector who wish to communicate their sustainable production achievements to the public in a manner that is transparent, credible and clear.

The new auditors, who originate from China, Bangladesh, Germany, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Denmark, Hungary and Taiwan, completed their training in Shanghai at the end of June.

The auditors completed an intensive four-day training program, guided by trainers from the association that required them to work through six modules of the STeP certification using practical examples.

The training was predominantly based around issues of independence, neutrality and consistency when assessing production facilities in the textile chain. It also included the everyday handling of the STeP assessment tool and the creation of audit checklists and test reports.

Oeko-Tex has 16 institutes with contact offices in over 60 countries and now has reached a total of 80 auditors from, what the company identifies as the most important regions of global textile production.