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Patagonia to Close All Stores on Election Day

Patagonia is very serious about its Vote Our Planet initiative.

The sustainably-minded retailer will close all of its stores on Election Day, Nov. 8, to encourage customers—and everyone, really—to head to the polls and vote on environmental issues.

“During a time of catastrophic environmental crisis, when America needs strong leadership to confront the fundamental threat of climate change, voter turnout threatens to reach historic lows as people are turned off by the ugliness of politics,” Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario said in a statement.

Patagonia launched the Vote Our Planet initiative (contributing $1 million this year to support it) in September and has been getting people registered and informed, even hosting what will amount to nearly 60 in-store events to educate voters by Election Day.

On its Vote Our Planet web page, Patagonia offers a link to register to vote, to get local election information and to find out about local events. Visitors to the site can also click to “Defend Our Air,” “Defend Our Water,” and “Defend Our Soil” and find out about the current issues in each area to be better informed to elect leaders at local, state and national levels who will support keeping each and encourage action on climate change.

“As a business, we have a unique ability to take a stand and choose to prioritize the health of the planet over profit, and I think it’s important we take that opportunity when it truly matters,” Marcario said.