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ReCircled Opens New Facility for Fashion Reuse and Recycling

ReCircled, a company focused on the reuse and recycling of the 100 billion garments and 25 billion shoes produced annually, announced the opening of its Sidney, Neb., facility.

ReCircled has signed a lease for the World War II era buildings that last occupied the distribution center for Cabela’s. This facility will become the center for the innovation needed to create the first garment to garment recycling system in the United States.

In addition, ReCircled is working with scientists and engineers to design and develop the first system that will be capable of the disassembly of all clothing, shoes and accessories at scale. Using robotics, optical scanning and laser cutters that are currently on the market, the first operational system will be in place early 2022.

ReCircled Sidney is putting to use the practice of reuse in all aspects. With eight buildings and nearly 750,000 square feet available, these buildings, built as an ammunition depot, were later repurposed by Cabela’s as a distribution enter.

Located at the intersection of a North-South and East-West rail line, and located geographically in the center of the country, the company said the facility is ideal to reduce the carbon footprint for the movement of the clothing, shoes and accessories that will need to be processed over the coming years.

“This is the culmination of the past years, working to build the process that is necessary to help brands and retailers create a circular business model and close the loop,” Scott Kuhlman, CEO of ReCircled, said. “It will also be nice to add jobs to the local economy since the closure of the Cabela’s headquarters. With ReCircled upcycling and recycling activities and the commitment from our brand partners, we are confident this is a long-term proposition for industry and the town of Sidney.”

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ReCircled takes in boxes of apparel, handbags and shoes are through its proprietary sorting process, items are marked as usable or unusable. Unusable items that are damaged beyond repair or cannot be cleaned are sent to recycling partners to be reconstituted into raw materials and new fabrics.

Usable garments are cleaned using the latest waterless CO2 cleaning technology and any damages to the garments are repaired. Once cleaned and repaired, usable items are then photographed and readied for resale.

Inventoried items are listed for sale on custom resale sites made for each brand or sent to designated stores. Items purchased online are boxed and shipped directly to the customer.

With the thought that sustainability and responsibility will lead fashion back from the current global economic climate, ReCircled aims to be a turnkey solution for fashion brands to enter the circular economy. The company also has locations in Cozad, Neb., and Prato, Italy.