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Lenzing’s Refibra Moves the Textile Industry Closer to a Circular Economy

Lenzing unveiled a new fiber at Premier Vision in Paris that offers a deep sustainability profile.

Refibra is an innovative fiber made from cotton scraps and wood. It is the first cellulose fiber featuring recycled material to be offered on a commercial scale. The fiber, which is made in the Tencel production process, marks a milestone for Tencel and builds on Lenzing’s reputation for leading environmentally friendly fiber technology.

“For Lenzing, developing circular business models in the fashion industry ensures the decoupling of business growth from pressure on ecological resource consumption. It reduces the need to extract additional virgin resources from nature, and reduces the net impact on ecological resources,” said Stefan Doboczky, CEO of Lenzing Group, and Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO.

To assure customers that their textiles are really made from Refibra, Lenzing has developed an identification system, which can verify that Refibra was used in the finished textile. This guarantees transparency in the overall processing chain. The Refibra fiber itself is part of the global Lenzing Branding Service and the brand is licensed once the textile has undergone a certification process.

“Tencel itself is an environmentally responsible fiber of botanic origin. With Refibra, we add to the future of manufacturing and start to reassess waste as resource. The target is to close the loop. We will not stop our innovation before we are there,” van de Kerkhof said.