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ReVerso Launches Innovative Supply Chain System for Responsible Manufacturing

New textile platform Re.Verso has developed a fully integrated, traceable supply chain system with a collection of innovative eco-friendly fabrics that are 100 percent made in Italy. The company will present the new system at the upcoming Premiere Vision, Paris this Sept. 16-18.

The platform is made up of a group of three top Italian mills, Green Line, Nuova Fratelli Boretti and Lanificio Stelloni, and the Made in Italy products are fully traceable throughout its supply chain.

Re.Verso collects pre-consumer textile waste—mainly wool—and converts it into fiber through a mechanical process before spinning it into yarns to make knitted, woven and knitwear fashion fabrics, and then finished garments in a transparent line of production. According to a company statement, its supply chain practice has garnered recognition as a “best-practice model for eco-responsible manufacture.”

The company uses Green Line to source and sort the pre-consumer waste yarn and fabrics from Italy and parts of Europe, and Nuova Fratelli Boretti transforms the mixed textile materials into a high-quality, wool-centric fiber base set for spinning. Re.Verso’s third mill, Lanificio Stelloni, then turns the re-made raw material into stylish knitted and woven fabrics for fashion.

Gucci recently partnered with Re.Verso to develop finished cashmere product for the high-end clothier’s Autumn/Winter ’15-16 collections for men, women and children.

“Re.Verso has been designed as an ‘open door’ platform, meaning that it welcomes input from all manufacturers to process their surplus waste through its system, even encouraging them to use their own selected mills to finalize fabrics,” a company statement noted. “It’s a production microcosm, an example of new best practice for how fabric has been made for centuries. But now it’s one that can offer responsible creation and innovation as a contemporary advantage to all by helping them create their own ‘virtuous circle’ of production values.”

The Re.Verso launch collection will be showcased at the Lanificio Stelloni, booth H6K4 at Premiere Vision in Paris this week.