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SAC, Fair Wear, Ethical Trading Initiative Tackle GHGs

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), a global multi-stakeholder nonprofit alliance for the consumer goods industry, has created a partnership with Fair Wear and the Ethical Trading Initiative focused on facilitating collective action across the industry toward achieving the 45 percent greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction by 2030.

The partnership falls under The Industry We Want (TIWW), an initiative geared toward ensuring dignity for workers in decent jobs, thriving businesses along the supply chain and a positive impact on the planet. TIWW has developed a set of metrics for the garment and footwear industry to measure action across three pillars: social, commercial and environmental. The impact metrics will be presented in TIWW’s first industry dashboard that will be updated annually and function as a “temperature check” for the sector as a whole.

The SAC will lead TIWW’s environmental pillar and work closely with fellow Apparel Alliance member Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) to ensure an annual update of the dashboard data, providing a yearly check-in on the progress the industry has made to reduce emissions. The SAC will also support in the development and implementation of TIWW’s overall strategy, coordinate key partnerships, support TIWW-led events and participate in the annual evaluation of the project to identify areas for improvement.

“We are honored to be partnering with the Fair Wear and the Ethical Trading Initiative on this initiative and believe it will enable us to leverage our strength in collaboration with our fellow Apparel Alliance members to achieve our vision of an industry that gives more than it takes,” said Amina Razvi, executive director of the SAC. “As an organization committed to empowering the consumer goods industry with data to understand how to improve its environmental credentials, this partnership reinforces our commitment to transforming the industry to better serve the needs of people and planet.”

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The Sustainable Apparel Coalition has teamed with Fair Wear and the Ethical Trading Initiative to help the industry achieve GHG reduction.
TIWW focus areas Courtesy

The SAC will leverage TIWW’s platform to help organizations set and achieve clear science based targets (SBTs), ensuring the industry stays on track to fulfill its climate change commitments, particularly the 45 percent reduction target, to significantly reduce emissions and deliver on the climate goals to keep warming within planetary boundaries.

Fair Wear and the Ethical Trading Initiative launched TIWW in early 2021 with a vision to create a garment and footwear industry that realizes its full potential to ensure dignity for workers in decent jobs, thriving businesses along the supply chain and a positive impact on the planet. The first iteration of TIWW’s dashboard showcased the estimated total emissions of the apparel sector, drawing data from Aii’s and WRI’s “Roadmap to Net Zero: Delivering Science-Based Targets in the Apparel Sector” report based on SAC’s and Textile Exchange data.

The dashboard was also created in collaboration with the WageIndicator Foundation and the Better Buying Institute to present metrics on the living wage gap and purchasing practices in the sector.

“The tumultuousness of Covid-19 and growing impacts of climate change are near daily reminders that real change is needed in the way we conduct business,” Alexander Kohnstamm, director of Fair Wear and Peter McAllister, director ETI, said in a joint statement. “The urgency is clear, yet working on root problems in the garment and footwear sector is a challenge we have yet to overcome. Therefore, it is with great excitement that Fair Wear and ETI welcome SAC as a lead partner in The Industry We Want initiative, assuring we drive industry-wide progress on environmental impact as well as on commercial and social practices.”