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Sedex Unveils Sustainable Sourcing Platform

Sedex sustainable sourcing

Less than a week after it signed the Social and Labor Convergence Project with the likes of Levi’s and Adidas, non-profit supply chain specialist Sedex on Tuesday introduced a platform for ethical and sustainable sourcing.

Dubbed Sedex Advance, the tool replaces the current Sedex 2.0 platform and is designed to meet the changing procurement needs of companies across the world by providing the means and insight to help buyers, suppliers and auditors implement their responsible sourcing programs.

“We recognize that the needs of Sedex members around the world are changing, with buyers and suppliers facing a growing list of issues in global supply chains—from natural resource scarcity and climate change to human rights and child labor, all in an evolving regulatory landscape,” Jonathan Ivelaw-Chapman, Sedex CEO, said in a statement. “That’s why we’ve built Sedex Advance, designed to continuously evolve and scale to help to meet our members’ challenges and opportunities, now and in the future.”

The platform uses risk assessments, supplier linking technology, real-time updates and in-depth reporting to help companies initiate, scale-up and manage each step of their sustainable procurement programs.

The end goal: to drive sustainability performance and raise standards in global supply chains.

Sedex claims the tool can help companies of any size and supply chain complexity to work quickly and effectively, organize and monitor their responsible sourcing programs and use risk assessment tools to target actions and protect their businesses.

Plus, member companies—that is, 38,000 buyers and suppliers in 150 countries representing more than 24 million workers worldwide—can track their progress with integrated and real-time reporting, support growth internationally and meet future challenges and opportunities.

Evolutions of the platform in the coming months will include new functionality for sharing carbon and agriculture data and offline audit utilities.