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Sustaining Voices Honors Supply-Chain Leaders for Environmentally Responsible Progress

Sourcing Journal, the premier online trade publication for apparel and textile executives, is rolling out its second tranche of honorees for Sustaining Voices. The yearlong web series, which was created in collaboration with Cotton Incorporated, honors the latest innovations, products, companies and initiatives driving forward a greener apparel industry. The supply chain and logistics companies join the honorees recognized in the raw materials sector, announced in April.

Sustainability continues to be a key initiative for companies across the apparel supply chain, and it is our hope that those recognized through Sustaining Voices can serve as inspiration for everyone working toward the challenging but crucial goal of creating a more responsible fashion industry,” said Edward Hertzman, founder and president of Sourcing Journal Media. “Our logistics and supply chain honorees illustrate the variety of ways apparel is approaching the problem, from chemical management and standards to resource protection and upcycling.”

This month, Sourcing Journal announces the honorees in the supply chain and logistics category. They include:

  • Canopy, for launching an interactive map that helps brands steer clear of ancient and endangered ecosystems when sourcing viscose
  • DHL, for launching a new fleet of electric vehicles as part of its commitment to achieving zero logistics-related emissions by 2050
  • Eon, for creating an open, industry-wide standard for a digital identity that allows products to communicate information about themselves at every stage of the value chain
  • LimeLoop, for promoting a future where goods are transported in reusable and traceable packaging
  • Oeko-Tex, for developing a sustainable leather certification that helps manufacturers improve the sustainability of their processes and ultimately create an eco-friendlier product
  • The Open Apparel Registry, for identifying the names, addresses and affiliations of more than 10,000 factories and mills worldwide
  • Stuffstr, for using technology to help retailers keep their clothing in circulation and away from the landfill
  • The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, for scaling up and improving its Higg Index suite of impact-measurement tools and encouraging industry-wide collaboration

In the coming months, Sustaining Voices will recognize the efforts of both individuals and companies across brands and retailers, factories and initiatives. Each was selected by Sourcing Journal in consultation with a select group of apparel industry experts, who considered the “wow” factor, uniqueness, scalability, buzz and impact each person, program and company had on sustainability in the past year.

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