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Video: The Supply Chain of the Future

Traceability is a watchword in apparel today following the industry’s growing awareness that sustainability can only be achieved if there is certainty about the products and processes used throughout the entire supply chain. But even with that realization, for most companies, it’s still unattainable.

The problem may be their approach.

Himatsingka America offers fully traceable cotton under the labels Pimacott and Homegrown today but the journey to developing a product it could confidently create a message around was a long one—and it started at the very beginning.

“If you don’t start at the beginning and ensure your success through the supply chain to the end, if you find in the end you have a problem, it’s too late solve the problem because you’re 18 months of something has gone wrong somewhere. So start at the farm because that’s the time—certainly for cotton—where you begin,” said David Greenstein, CEO of Himatsingka America.

Watch Greenstein explain why he says there’s no such thing as reverse traceability. And why delivering on consumer demands requires authenticity.