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Textile Recycling Company Brings 500 New Jobs to Texas

Ryze Renewables, a newly-formed manufacturing company that recycles textile waste to produce new products is setting up shop in Port Arthur, Texas, creating 500 new full-time jobs.

The company is investing $200 million into two different businesses, according to Port Arthur News. One will use scraps from the textile industry to make medical and personal care products as well as luxury garments and product packaging. The second facility, which manufactures floor tiles, will take the textile waste left from production to be recycled yet again.

Joy Nunn, managing partner and the creator behind the patented process told Port Arthur News she has been working on the project for a year and a half.

“What we are doing is rejuvenating fiber, taking scraps and putting it through a patented process for people all over the world to use,” Nunn said. “The process is 100 percent green technology.”

Port Arthur’s easy access to both the railroad and the ocean make it a desirable locale for bringing in raw materials from Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean, Nunn explained.

To encourage the company to do business in Port Arthur, the Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation (EDC) agreed to provide a $1.5 million incentive. $750,000 will be given upfront to help the company pay for equipment and the retrofitting of its facilities. The remaining half will be based upon payroll and employment, Floyd Batiste, EDC director told the Port Arthur News.

Ryze will lease two existing buildings at the port, which will be retrofitted. The first shipment of equipment is expected to arrive in January of next year, with operations beginning by July or August. The company plans to manufacture 10 product lines extending from cotton to polyester, and Nunn said seven of the lines have already been sold.

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According to Port Arthur News, Ryze is required to hire 260 of the city’s residents and over the course of three years the payroll for these residents should meet $16 million.

The company does not plan on bringing along many of its own workers; instead it will train its employees through a partnership with local Lamar State College, Lamar Institute of Technology, Lamar University and the Texas Workforce Commission.

Job offers vary from maintenance to engineers, to accounting personnel and machinery operators, among others, with an average pay of roughly $42,000.

Port Arthur’s mayor, Deloris “Bobbie” Prince is excited about how this company could affect the city’s future.

“To have a manufacturing facility in the city of Port Arthur is much welcomed. We are hoping this will inspire more manufacturing in Port Arthur,” she told Port Arthur News.