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Upcycled Clothing from The North Face Lets Wearers ‘Display Their Values’

Even as a worldwide pandemic rages on, some members of the fashion industry are holding fast to their commitments to create more sustainable products.

In celebration of Earth Day, outdoor stalwart The North Face is launching the next iteration of its Renewed circular design and re-commerce program.

Dubbed the Remade Collection, the new line of one-of-a-kind upcycled garments will be made in the brand’s Renewed Design Residency program, a sustainability workshop for designers that was launched last year.

In February, the company hosted an online auction to kick off the release of garments made in the training program, which allows rotating groups of The North Face designers to attend bi-annual workshops on the principles of circular design and creative garment repair.

Each unique garment is made from used or discarded The North Face garments.

The Remade Collection will scale the learnings from that hands-on educational workshop, bringing the unique, upcycled garments to a wider audience. Pieces will be available on the company’s website starting on Wednesday, ranging in price from $50-$400, depending on the complexity of repair and reworking done to each piece.

Launching with about 80 pieces, The Remade Collection’s initial product line will be replenished with larger assortments to coincide with future Renewed Design Residencies, the company told Sourcing Journal. Initial offerings include outerwear like puffer jackets and vests, along with ski pants and mid-layer zip ups.

Pricing of each garment will depend on the extent of the repairs, the company said.

“During our inaugural Renewed Design Residency program we learned about common damages, efficient repair methods, and more,” Kellen Hennessy, The North Face’s senior designer, told Sourcing Journal. “As a result, The North Face design team was able to create clear, communicable tools for the team at The Renewal Workshop to carry out repairs at a larger scale than we could have achieved during the one-week residency.”

“The new Remade collection is a direct output of this,” she added, saying, “We love that these products have highly visible repairs showcasing that the pieces are upcycled and allowing the next owner to display their values around clothing.”