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These Sustainable Activewear Shirts Promise to Curb the Risk of Skin Cancer

New lifestyle brand 2-DG has created a line of active apparel made from recycled waste and packed with performance properties that promise to help prevent skin cancer.

The company says protecting the planet is an essential part of its mission and to do so, the brand is taking a circular material approach. The company said it collaborates with a firm that repurposes abandoned fishing nets and recycles them into apparel fibers. By incorporating 100 percent recycled fibers in its polos, 2-DG is enabling discarded materials that typically end up in oceans or landfills to be regenerated into the greater fashion system.

“Marine scientists estimate that the fishing nets left in our oceans kill hundreds of thousands of marine mammals every year,” 2-DG notes on its website. “By using abandoned fishing nets to create beautiful high-tech fabrics for our clothing, the 2-DG family becomes part of the solution for the fish, sea turtles, dolphins and even whales that become entangled in the fishing nets.”

Protecting consumers’ skin is also a major part of the story at 2-DG’s, which was established by husband and wife team Shail and Valentina Shah. Each of 2-DG’s polos feature ultraviolet 50+ sun protection, so consumers can enjoy outdoor activities, including golf, and minimize their risk of skin cancer. According to a 2-DG interview with Dr. Sapna Palep, a dermatologist, the skin cancer risks are greater for professional golfers who could receive on average roughly 217 times the amount of UV radiation needed to cause a sunburn over a year’s time. The brand also collaborates with the Lampidis Cancer Foundation on various efforts, including the 2-DG cancer drug study, which aims to create a universal treatment for cancer in the future.

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“Skin cancer is one of the most common and preventable forms of cancer in the United States. We want our customers to look great and know their skin is being protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays,” 2-DG notes. “Researchers say the earth’s ozone layer is not  providing as much protection as it did in the past. Therefore, when you are enjoying the outdoors, it is recommended to wear sunscreen daily and wear clothing that provides added protection when possible.”

The 2-DG shirts are manufactured by hand in Italy and retail for $80 to $95.

The brand’s shirts come on the heels of other circular textile industry innovations. Recently, The FabricLink network, a trade-to-consumer online resource for textile education and product promotion, recognized a group of textile innovations for their potential to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. The textile innovations included Paltex’s regeneration system, which collects discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean and recycles them to product regenerative polyester fabrics.